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Moving Jobs? Take Sunsuper with you.

New job, same super account

Starting a new job can be an exciting, sometimes stressful time in your life. While everything may feel like it's changing, it's important to remember that your super fund doesn't have to.In most cases, it's your choice as to where your super gets paid.

It's never too late to make a choice.

If you don't, your employer will. This may leave you with multiple funds, paying multiple sets of fees and insurance premiums.

To have your super paid into your Sunsuper account, choose one of these simple options.

Option 1. Email your new employer

If you know your new employer's email address, you can ask them to pay your super into your Sunsuper account by using our handy email template. Simply fill in the blanks and send on.

email your employer

Option 2. Download a Selecting Sunsuper form

 Alternatively you can use our Selecting Sunsuper form to ask your employer to pay your super into your Sunsuper account. Simply print off, fill in the blanks and hand to your employer.

Download form

Just how sorted is your super? 

The next couple of minutes could make a huge difference to your life. 

At Sunsuper we want to inspire you and help you to achieve your retirement dreams. Watch our 'Why choose Sunsuper' video to learn how.