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Super-savings fee calculator

Sunsuper’s administration fees are among the lowest and fairest you will find

It's important to understand the fees that relate to your super account, especially if you are comparing Sunsuper with other funds. Over a number of years lower fees can make a huge difference!

Administration fees

The Administration fee consists of:

  • $1.50 per week, and 
  • 0.10% p.a. on the first $800,000 of your account balance (that's just $10 for every $10,000 per year).

To calculate the annual administration fees you are likely to pay on your Sunsuper for life - Super-savings account enter your balance in to the calculator below.

Fees are shown gross of tax. Sunsuper receives a tax deduction for Administration fees for Super-savings accounts. This is normally passed on to you as a reduction to any contributions tax payable on concessional contributions. Investment fees are not included in the calculation.

The fees calculator applies to Sunsuper for life members Super-savings accounts only. Sunsuper for Life Business members and Sunsuper for life Corporate members may have different fees and costs applying to their account.

Find out more about our Income account fees.

Other fees:

With Sunsuper you pay no entry fees and no commissions. For the investment options you invest in you only pay the costs that have been incurred by the investment option. Find out more about investment fees. If you make a withdrawal from your account an exit fee of $47 applies (a net amount of $40 will be deducted).

For more information on our fees or for more information on insurance premiums please refer to the Sunsuper for life PDS. Sunsuper for life Corporate members should refer to their Corporate PDS. Sunsuper for life Business members should refer to the Sunsuper for life Business PDS.