We’re supporting women in finance with the launch of a new scholarship program

We’re very proud to have launched a scholarship program in memory of Marion Munro - a Sunsuper financial planner who tragically lost her life to breast cancer in 2008. Marion was a truly inspirational person who had championed women in her team through mentoring and work experience.

The scholarship was the idea of staff member Leisa Bowness, who won the Sunsuper Dreams staff competition in May 2010:

“Marion was truly inspirational. She had a real passion for the work she did and you couldn’t help but feel excited, enthused and motivated to do your best whenever she was around. Sadly, Marion was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away in 2008.

My dream was to establish a scholarship in Marion’s memory to support women working in financial services. To help them with education, networking and career advancement - to give them the same support Marion gave me.”

The first recipients of the scholarship are Sunsuper staff members Christina Dobson, Amalie White and Kirsty Strano. They will each complete a Diploma of Financial Services in Financial Planning, and will have networking, mentoring, and career advancement opportunities.

According to Christina, one of the recipients of the scholarship, receiving the scholarship “has set me on my way to realising my professional dreams. Developing my technical skills, challenging myself and creating variety in my role will give me the confidence and skills to achieve my personal best within the Sunsuper team.”