There are four broad investment profiles:

  • Growth – designed for members who want to generate wealth over the long term, but with less risk than an option invested solely in shares. 
  • Balanced – designed for members who want to generate wealth over the long term, while being sensitive to the relative performance of other large Australian superannuation funds.
  • Retirement – designed for members who are close to, or have reached retirement. It is structured to generate wealth over the medium to long term, while providing some reduction to the fluctuation of returns in the short-term.
  • Conservative – designed for members who seek less volatile returns for their super while maintaining some growth exposure. Using your money in the short term is likely to be your main purpose.

We offer a range of investment options to match these profiles.  

Getting your investment right 

Choosing the right investment option can make a big difference to your retirement income and will depend  on your personal circumstances and retirement goals.

To help decide on the best option, you should:

  • understand the risks
  • understand asset classes
  • look at expected returns for each investment profile
  • realise the importance of diversification

If your situation changes in the future and you want to change your investment option, you can do so at any time through Member Online, or by completing the Investment Choice form at the back of the Investment Guide [PDF 1.85MB].

You can speak to our Member Advice Centre (MAC) who can help you make your choice at no cost, quickly over the phone to help you get your super right. Just call 13 11 84.

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