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Living your best retirement with a Sunsuper Income Account

Watch our webcast 'Living your best retirement with a Sunsuper Income account' below. This is a recording of the live event from 16 March 2021.

Living your best retirement with a Sunsuper Income account

Whether it's really close or still a few years away, you're probably thinking about what you'll do and how you'll live in retirement. We know that feeling on top of your future starts with being on top of your super. And we work for you, not shareholders. So our education experts will help make it easy for you to take charge of your retirement planning by explaining more about:

  • When you can access your super.
  • How account-based pensions like a Sunsuper Income account work.
  • Why access your super through a Sunsuper Income account.
  • Your investment choice and super contributions leading up to retirement.
  • If you'll be eligible for the government age pension in retirement.
  • The next step in financially preparing for retirement.

Meet your speakers

Joshua van Gestel

National Education Manager

Joshua is responsible for delivering Sunsuper’s education strategy to members and overseeing the development of bespoke multi-channel communication strategies for Sunsuper’s key employer clients and their employees.

Joshua is passionate about empowering Australians to achieve their retirement dreams through the provision of effective, tangible and engaging experiences while also bringing a desire to create employer advocacy to improve the financial wellbeing of employees.


Ruth Weaver

Education Specialist

Ruth is responsible for developing, co-ordinating and delivering multi-channel education solutions to Sunsuper members so that they can maximise their retirement savings. Ruth regularly delivers engaging education workshops in groups but is also very passionate about working one on one with members helping to guide and support them at an individual level.

Ruth’s goal is to ensure that all Sunsuper members, regardless of their circumstances have equal opportunity to learn how to best manage their retirement savings.

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