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Watch our previously recorded webcasts hosted by the experts at Sunsuper to get the most from your super and prepare you for retirement.

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2020-21 investment market wrap-up

Our Chief Economist Brian Parker and Anne Fuchs, Head of Advice and Retirement, discuss the strong share market recovery in 2020-21, and what it has meant for our investment performance and members' super and retirement plans.

How do the super experts take charge of their super?

Like you, Sunsuper's Head of Advice and Retirement and National Education Manager are balancing kids, mortgages, extended families, super and retirement plans. Don't miss their tips and personal stories.

Living your best retirement with a Sunsuper Income account

Our education experts explain when you can access your super, how account-based pensions work, the benefits of a Sunsuper Income account, investment choices leading up to retirement, the government age pension eligibility and preparing for retirement. To speak to a Sunsuper adviser, just fill in this form and we will contact you.

Are you retirement ready?

Our financial advisers and education experts discuss clear strategies and offer simple steps to help make sure you're retirement ready - no matter how close or far away retirement may be for you. If you'd like to speak with a Sunsuper adviser about how we can help you get retirement ready, just fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

Market update - COVID-19, elections and the federal budget

Sunsuper Chief Economist Brian Parker explains what’s happening around the world and at home, where markets are heading and what it all means for your super investment.

Vaccines, housing booms and financial markets

Don't miss Chief Economist Brian Parker and Anne Fuchs, Head of Advice and Retirement, as they discuss Brian's insights into the latest financial market performance and what it could mean for your super.

Thinking about retirement - tips to get your super sorted

Don't miss National Education Manager Joshua van Gestel and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs. They wrap up 2020's impact on Sunsuper's investment performance, outline upcoming super legislation changes, and provide tips and strategies to help you get your retirement plans on track in 2021.

Financial market update - is the COVID-19 volatility behind us?

Don’t miss Chief Economist Brian Parker in conversation with Anne Fuchs, Head of Advice and Retirement, as they discuss the year in review for financial market performance, the potential economic impacts of ongoing COVID infection rates and other world events, the outlook for 2021, and Sunsuper's investment performance.

The federal Budget and your super

Looking for a simple summary of the recent federal Budget announcements? Don't miss Sunsuper's National Education Manager Joshua van Gestel and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs as they discuss what the Treasurer announced and how it might impact your super and retirement planning.

Ask yourself these two important questions

Starting your retirement planning journey? We urge you to ask yourself these two questions.

Unlocking your super and the Age Pension

67 is another key age as you may be eligible for some government support.

Where will your income in retirement come from?

The Age Pension may do your heavy lifting but what other assets might you have to supplement this?

How much will your retirement lifestyle cost?

We can help you to picture your retirement and give you an idea of the annual cost to fund it.

Use this tool to forecast if you're on track

Sunsuper's retirement forecaster can calculate how long your super balance might last in retirement.

Super in volatile times - what does history tell us?

We illustrate why it's important to take a long-term view for your super investment.

Four ways to access your super in retirement

We list out your options, depending on your circumstances and needs.

Super opportunities when you fully retire or turn 65

Your options when you fully retire or turn 65 explained.

Answers to common member questions

We answer the most common questions we receive from members about using their super in retirement.

Accessing your super before you retire

We explain ‘preservation age’ and the opportunities reaching it might present for you.

2020 - will you need to change your plan?

Are you concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on your retirement planning?

How much money will you need to retire?

One of the most important questions we get asked by members is “How much super do I need?”

Will you be eligible for the Age Pension?

We explain the two means tests that will determine if you’re eligible to receive the full or part age pension.

How does Sunsuper invest your money?

Most Sunsuper members will have the balance invested in a lot more than just listed shares.

Should you change your super investments?

Ask yourself these three questions to help you decide.

Using the transition to retirement strategy

An introduction to how you may be able to use your super as you ease into retirement.

Why you should get personal financial advice

Quality financial advice could help you achieve your dream retirement.

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