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the new school of super podcast series

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Join Sunsuper’s Dream Team Chief Economist Brian Parker and Head of Advice and Retirement Anne Fuchs in our podcast series as they discuss money matters, your super and the things that could affect your financial dreams now, and in the future.

The Sunsuper Dream Team

Anne Fuchs is the Head of Advice and Retirement at Sunsuper. She has worked in the financial advice industry for more than 20 years, and passionately believes great financial advice can change people’s lives. Prior to joining Sunsuper in February 2015, Anne was the Chief Commercial Officer at the Association of Financial Advisers where she was responsible for income generation and servicing of their commercial stakeholders – members, licensees & corporate partners.

Brian Parker was appointed to the role of Sunsuper’s Chief Economist in 2015. In a career spanning more than 25 years, Brian has worked in a series of economics, portfolio management and communication roles with a range of organisations including Rothschild, JP Morgan, Citigroup, MLC and the Reserve Bank of Australia. Brian has an honours degree in economics from the University of Queensland, where he also taught macroeconomics. Additionally, he is a Charted Financial Analyst.

Episode 38

2020-21 investment market wrap-up

July 2021

Episode 37

How do the super experts take charge of their super?

April 2021

Episode 36

Vaccines, housing booms and financial markets

April 2021

Episode 35

Thinking about retirement – tips and strategies to get your super sorted

January 2021

Episode 34

Financial market update - is the COVID-19 volatility behind us?

January 2021

Episode 33

2020-21 federal Budget – how the announcements might affect your super

October 2020

Episode 32

Market update - COVID 19, elections and the federal Budget

October 2020

Episode 25

When can I access my super? – Explaining transition to retirement strategies

December 2019

Episode 24

Financial market performance – looking back on the last 10 years and our expectations for the next 10

December 2019

Episode 23

Financial market volatility and performance – Brexit, the US and what's next

December 2019

Episode 22

The economy, investments and opportunities in North Queensland – an adviser's perspective

December 2019

Episode 21

Is more investment market volatility on the cards?

September 2019

Episode 20

The value of advice throughout retirement - part 2

September 2019

Episode 19

Explaining Sunsuper's alternative strategy investments

September 2019

Episode 18

Explaining Sunsuper's private market investments

September 2019

Episode 17

Advisers and super funds - working together in clients' best interests

September 2019

Episode 16

Your super post federal election

July 2019

Episode 15

Three things to fast-track your super this new financial year

July 2019

Episode 14

How a local business can make a real difference to people with special needs

July 2019

Episode 13

Interview with Gus Sauter, former Vanguard chief investment officer

April 2019

Episode 12

Seven ‘super' steps to strive for

February 2019

Episode 11

Financial market wrap – what's next for 2019?

February 2019

Episode 10

Value of Advice for your best retirement - Part 1

February 2019

Episode 9

What about women's super?

February 2019

Episode 8

Thinking of starting an SMSF?

January 2019

Episode 7

Seven investment rules to live by

January 2019

Episode 6

Using your super when you retire

September 18

Episode 5

Politics, financial markets and your super

September 18

Episode 4

Socially responsible investing

September 2018

Episode 3

The world economic wrap

July 2018

Episode 2

Understand your investment options

July 2018

Episode 1

Listed vs unlisted assets

June 2018

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