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Get financially fit with the Guru of Super

What does fitness look like when you’re older? If you’re picturing professional lawn bowlers in crisp whites, that’s not quite what we had in mind. What we really mean is financial fitness in your retirement.

Unfortunately, 1 in 3 Aussies isn’t feeling so fit at the moment. Studies show that a lot of us are financially stressed, which can take its toll on mental wellbeing, physical health, and yep, fulfilling your retirement. In fact, one of the best things about keeping up with your finances is feeling in control and confident that you’ll be able to achieve your dream when you’re older.

So, we’ve channelled the Guru of Super to pass on some knowledge. The Guru's mantra is our mantra - dream with your eyes open. Repeat after me “Breathe in-come. Breathe out-come”.

Get ready to stretch your legs and your mind to the possibilities of retirement. These exercises are geared toward budgeting and harnessing your superannuation, so you can de-stress and get financially fit.


1. Nama-stay on budget

Failing to plan how you spend your money isn’t exactly the most Zen approach to financial management. And it can have some serious long-term effects. Like losing control and not achieving your goals for retirement.

Showing discipline now can help stop you stressing about planning for the future or wondering if you’ll have enough to live the lifestyle you're dreaming about. Using tools to create a budget, will help you work out where your money goes and how much of it can stay with you until you retire.

super chakras

2. Aligning retirement with your super chakras

Before planning how to get there, you first need to figure out where you want to be. And if where you want to be is realistic. We call this aligning your retirement plans with your super chakras.

By modelling what different lifestyles might cost in retirement, you can match your super to the life you’d love to live.

Once you have an idea of what’s possible, our SunTracker program can help you find the best way to get there. By talking to one of our experts, you’ll learn about the things you can put in place now so that you’re fit and ready for the best years of your life.


3. The downward deposit

Sticking to a budget means you’re more likely to be able to make healthy deposits into your savings and reach your saving goals in retirement. To get an idea of exactly how hard you’ll need to work, our Retirement forecaster tool can help you work out how long your super will last in retirement.

Using the Contributions calculator, we can then help you see how to grow your super and get you on track to living your retirement dreams.

Nailing the "downward deposit" means you’ll have the confidence (and endorphins) to think about the things you can do when you call it a day at work.

Feeling enlightened?

Following these warm ups can help you feel confident and relaxed about your money when you warm down for retirement.

If you wish to further enhance your wellbeing, check out the importance of seeking financial advice.

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And then call one of our financial gurus to get started.

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