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How I got my ex-(super) back & on track

So, you've changed jobs a few times and possibly left a trail of super funds behind you. And as much as you've ignored them, they've ignored you too. In fact, that money is dead to you, unless you're willing to make the first move.

The good news is getting in touch with your ex-super doesn't have to be awkward at all. We've put together some strategies to get your ex-super back and on track.

  • Track down your super

    By combining your super, we can search for your other super accounts and get results instantly. Then you can select the accounts you want to combine with Sunsuper. Easy! Having all your super in the one account is the best way to stay on track and see that every cent of your super money is working together toward your dream retirement.

    And what if you’re changing jobs? You can take your Sunsuper account with you! Generate our pre-filled form containing your account details and provide this to your new employer.

  • "The Chat" A.K.A growing your super

    The next step is having "The Chat". The one about how you see yourself in the future. And how you and your super could grow together into your years of retirement. Perhaps it’s settling down in a Portuguese beachside town and finally taking those guitar lessons. Or something a little closer to home so you can be there for all your grandkids’ moments.

    Use the Contributions calculator to find out if adding extra to your super could reduce your income tax and help you live out your retirement dreams.

  • Sharing common interests & knowing where to invest it

    You’ll also need to think about how you want to invest your super. This will be based on how much time you've got before you retire and the risk you're willing to take with your money before you get there.

    Sunsuper offers a wide range of investment options. If you don't make an investment choice, you'll be invested in our default Lifecycle Investment Strategy which invests your money in a balanced portfolio of assets and automatically dials down your risk as you get closer to retirement.

    Find out more about Sunsuper's investment options

    Choosing the investment that best suits you means you aren’t just working hard for money, but that it’s working hard for you too.

  • Ride off into the Sunsuper sunset

    So, you’ve had the chat, and you and your super are official again. Not Facebook official, but serious enough to continue the conversation with a Sunsuper expert.

    Getting in touch with a financial adviser can cement this relationship and help make the dreams of today your future reality.

    Call us to get started.

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