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The chemistry of "aaaaaaagh!"

Discover the "sigh-ence" behind your financial wellbeing.

Yes, we know, it could also be “well-being”, but let’s not stress about that now.

Because it seems Australians already have enough on their plate. Social researcher Hugh McKay reveals in his latest book “Australia Reimagined” that despite all the natural advantages we enjoy, we’re quite an anxious lot. Financial stress plays its part of course, and it does more than weigh heavily on our mind; you could say it’s in our DNA.

When we’re chronically stressed, certain chemicals that are typically very good for the body become aggravating and even damaging. I’m looking at you Adrenaline and Cortisol. Useful for the “flight or fight” scenario, but a dangerous constant companion. Low levels of worry can cause minute amounts of adrenaline to be secreted into the bloodstream all the time. Cortisol can be conjured by worry, and too much of that can harm the immune system, so we get sicker much easier. Makes sense, right? We’ve been hardwired with these responses since time began.

But what makes real sense is to thwart financial stress altogether. And here’s some great news … financial advice is available as part of your Sunsuper membership.

Here’s a happy statistic: 80% of people who receive financial advice report they feel relaxed about their financial future.* Relaxed as in “aaaaaaaah”, not stressed as in “aaaaaaagh!”.

Find out, for example, why a Retirement Income Account can be much smarter than withdrawing all your money at once when you retire. It’s the simple science of turning "retirement aaaaaaagh!’s” into "retirement aaaaaaah’s”.

*CoreData research conducted on behalf of Sunsuper, December 2016.

Financial advice: it’s like satnav for your super

Can you confidently drive off into the sunset knowing your superannuation has enough in the tank? Discover the value of advice and how the right kind can steer you in the right direction to your best possible retirement.

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