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Transform your workplace into a learning workplace

By Sarina Russo

Hiring a young person has many advantages. Often you’ll discover how much young people want to secure their independence, make money and get in to the workforce.

Of course, young people often don’t have the same level of experience so it’s important to create a workplace where young people are treated as learners as well as workers. By doing this, both the employer and the young person benefits.

At Sarina Russo Job Access we’ve developed a five-point action plan to help both you and your employees get the most out of a learning workplace:

Employer Action Plan

  1. Use clear, simple language to explain why tasks are done in a certain way. Take the time to demonstrate the correct way to do the task and check they understand your instructions.
  2. Allow them time to practise the skills they learn at work and ask for and give feedback.
  3. Identify and resolve problems before they affect work performance or relationships.
  4. Offer them a variety of work tasks to keep the job interesting and challenging.
  5. Use positive reinforcement to recognise the achievements, such as a special mention at a staff meeting or an article in the company newsletter.
You might also want to share the following action plan with your employees.

Young Person’s Action Plan

  1. Learn as much as you can. On-the-job training provides a wonderful opportunity to learn from experienced staff. A can-do optimistic attitude is priceless.
  2. Get a workplace mentor. They will act as a role model, help build a rapport with co-workers and create a communication channel with the boss.
  3. Put in extra effort. When you go above and beyond the call of duty employers notice. If you do the ordinary task extraordinarily well, your employer is more likely to promote you in the future.
  4. Keep your boss informed. Engage with your boss regularly about the training needs and always ask questions to ensure you understand your instructions.
  5. Enhance your skills. Look for opportunities to practise on-the-job skills outside of work.
By creating a learning workplace you’ll maximise your company’s ability to take advantage of 5 employments benefits young people can bring to your business.
  1. Understanding new technology
  2. Preparedness to travel
  3. Flexibility
  4. High energy level
  5. Natural multi-tasking skills

Financial Incentives

There are also financial incentives if you hire a young candidate registered with a jobactive provider. A Federal Government incentive of $6,500 is available for eligible young jobseekers aged between 15-29 if they are employed for an average of 20 hours per week over six months.

The Queensland Government’s Back to Work program provides funding of $20,000 (for a full time employee) available under the Youth Boost initiative. The Youth Boost initiative is available for employers who hire an eligible jobseeker between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018.

By Sarina Russo, Managing Director, Sarina Russo Job Access

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