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Community guidelines

Welcome to Sunsuper's Knowledge Centre. Sunsuper is one of Australia's largest and most awarded super funds.

This page was created so that you can learn more about issues that face small businesses and their employees. As a trusted source you can learn information about Sunsuper, our products, our initiatives, and our services as well as our partners.

We welcome your questions and commentary, including constructive feedback. We don’t take our responsibilities to monitor posts lightly. We do expect that participants post commentary that is both relevant and respectful to this community.

We do reserve the right to remove any posts that don’t adhere to our guidelines and to block anyone who contravenes them repeatedly. Specifically, we cannot tolerate comments that are:

  • Abusive, defamatory or offensive
  • Hateful or discriminatory
  • Unlawful
  • Sexually explicit
  • “Trolling” or serving to deliberately disrupt discussion
  • Violations of copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Spam, link baiting (embedding a link in your post to draw traffic to another site) or files containing viruses that could damage the operation of other people’s computers or mobile devices
  • Commercial solicitations or promotion of a competitor
  • Content that relates to confidential or proprietary business information
  • Content determined to be inappropriate, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the forum
  • Promoting competing products, services, or brands
  • Personal promotion.

In order to protect your Privacy, please do not include any personal or sensitive information in your comments (for example, your member number, date of birth, home address, tax file number or that of your employees). If you would like to discuss a personal issue please call us on 13 11 84 during business hours (locate our business hours here) or send us an email with your preferred contact details and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

It is important to note that comments on Sunsuper’s Knowledge Centre do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sunsuper, nor does Sunsuper confirm their accuracy.

You also grant to Sunsuper and its affiliates the right to utilise all posted content in any manner or media without any legal or monetary obligation to the author.