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About the authors

We're committed to bringing you contributions from our knowledgeable and talented staff here at Sunsuper, as well as leading industry experts on all things small-business related. Here you'll find a list of the authors who have contributed to the Knowledge Centre.

Sunsuper staff

We are proud to showcase the knowledge and industry leading skills of the following contributors from Sunsuper:

Adam Fitzhenry - Manager of Employee Experience and Communication

Claire Burke-Atcheson - Manager of Digital Distribution

Joshua van Gestel - National Manager of Education

Matt De largie - Manager of Digital Distribution

Ruth Weaver - Education Specialist

National Advisers Panel members

Sunsuper has established a panel of accredited external financial advisers for members that have more complex advice needs. Here they share their extensive knowledge and expertise:

Chris Yena - CFP, General Manager, Warringal Financial Services

Deborah Kent - Financial Adviser, Integra Financial Services

Emma Brooke - Financial Adviser, GTC Financial Services

Preston Foster - Senior Financial Planner, APT Wealth


At Sunsuper, we are fortunate to look after the super needs of some of the nation's biggest companies. Here we bring you contributions from their leaders and well-informed staff:

Sarina Russo - Managing Director, Sarina Russo Job Access

Other valued contributors

We have forged strong relationships with the organisations such as AIA and SuperFriend and we're pleased to bring you contributions from their expert teams:

Roy Mellon - Definitiv Group

First Class Accounts