Identify your super investor profile

Are you willing to accept short-term risk for long-term gain? Or are you close to retirement and want low volatility? Considering these types of questions will help you make your investment choice.

Learn the basics

Understanding a few key investment principles can help you make sense of your choices.

Lifecycle investment strategy

An investment option where we do all the hard work for you by automatically moving your balance across three purpose built investment pools according to your age, effectively reducing your investment risk as you approach retirement.

Make an investment choice for your super account

We understand that choosing which option to invest in can be confusing. To help make your choice, check out the returns, risk and asset mix of our main investment options.

Check super performance and unit prices

At Sunsuper, we make it simple for you to check how your investment options have performed.

Investment Fees

We don’t profit from investment costs, so you end up with more in your super balance. Learn more about investment costs.