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Direct debit request

To make regular voluntary contributions by direct debit from your bank account. Also for single voluntary contributions from your bank account where the amount is greater than your daily BPAY limit. If the amount is lower than your BPAY limit, please use the Voluntary contribution form.

Spouse contribution

To make a contribution for your spouse.

Voluntary contribution

To make a one off voluntary contribution by cheque or BPAY (where the amount is below your daily BPAY limit). If the amount is greater than your BPAY limit, please use the Direct debit request form.

Contribution splitting advice

To split contributions between you and your partner.

Work test employment declaration

Use Member Online to complete a work test declaration. If you're aged between 65 and 75, you need to complete a work test declaration for us to accept some types of contributions.

Downsizer contributions

Access the ATO's Downsizer contribution into super form.

Product Disclosure Statements/Guides

Sunsuper for life guide

For more information about making contributions, read the Sunsuper for life guide.

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