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Start or manage a pension account

Set up an Income account

Use Adviser Online to set up a Retirement or Transition to Retirement Income account, or ask your client to activate their account in Member Online. Alternatively you can download the form.

Investment choice

Use Adviser Online to make an investment choice for your client, or have your client log into Member Online

Restart/Top-up your Income account

Use Adviser Online to add extra money to your client's income account, or ask your client to restart or top-up their Income account in Member Online.

Binding death benefit nomination

Use this form to make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination.

Income account withdrawal request

Use this form to request additional income payments or lump sum withdrawals from your Income account

Change of details

To update your address or beneficiary details, advise us of a name change, your Tax File Number, or get access to Member Online.

Change income payment amounts or frequency

Use Member Online to change the amount or frequency of your regular income (pension) payments.

Authority to access member information

A third party authority form to access your client’s Sunsuper information.

Pension product information

Find out more about Income accounts and check out the PDSs and guides

Upload a form

Upload a form via Contact us

Submitting forms

Check out which forms we are unable to receive electronically

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When done Upload it here

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