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Manage insurances

This section refers to insurance for Super-Savings Accounts only. Corporate account insurance can be found under the relevant microsite for each Corporate employer.

 Insurance Quote Tool for Sunsuper for Life


Tailored insurance

Apply for Tailored insurance cover through Member Online, or download the form.

New Member options

To increase your client’s Death and Total & Permanent Disability Assist cover, or apply for Income Protection cover, if they've joined in the last 120 days.

White Collar cover

Increase the amount of cover your client has by 50% at no extra cost, if eligible.

Life and Age Event

Increase your Death and Total & Permanent Disability Assist cover when your life changes.

Insurance variation

To reduce or cancel existing insurance cover.

Transfer of insurance

Transfer current insurance cover to Sunsuper.

Occupational rating

Use this form to have your client’s occupation re-rated.

Income Protection

Transfer Income Protection cover from Sunsuper for life to Sunsuper for life.

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