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It's official - Sunsuper is a super performer, having been named SuperRatings' 2020 Fund of the Year.

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CBH Group's super plan

CBH Super has entrusted Sunsuper as its successor fund for good reason.

We are one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing funds. We look after the retirement savings of more than 1 million members. And with no shareholders to pay, our members are truly at the heart of everything we do.

This means solid long-term investment performance, fees among the lowest in the industry, and only one purpose – to help you dream with your eyes open to achieve the retirement of your dreams.

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Your Plan

The information and documents contained on this site are unique to your Sunsuper plan.

However some links may take you to the Sunsuper public site which contains general information that may be relevant to you but does not take into consideration your plan-specific arrangements.

Important update - Investment fees and indirect costs.
This document provides information on recent changes to investment fees and indirect costs.
Sunsuper for life Corporate PDS [pdf, 2.7MB]
A summary of the significant information you need about your Sunsuper for life Corporate account, including standard insurance and fees.
Sunsuper for life Corporate Insurance guide [pdf, 552.9KB]
This guide details the standard and additional insurance available in your plan and the fees and costs that apply to your account.
Sunsuper for life guide [pdf, 3.4MB]
Important information about how superannuation works (including Income accounts), and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account.
Sunsuper for life Investment guide [pdf, 3.2MB]
Details of the investment option available to you, and information on determining your investor needs.
Key Facts Sheet [pdf, 153.6KB]

The Insurance in super factsheet summarises the key features about the insurance cover provided in your plan.

Membership application  [pdf, 293KB]
Use this form to apply for membership to the CBH Group Superannuation Plan.
Transfer of insurance cover [pdf, 266.9KB]
Use this form to transfer your current insurance cover to Sunsuper.
Change of insurance cover [pdf, 319.6KB]
Use this form to change your level of insurance within the standard cover provided OR to apply for Additional insurance.
Binding death benefit nomination form [pdf, 236.1KB]
Use this form to make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination
Personal health summary [pdf, 321.3KB]
Use this form to increase your insurance cover if your cover has been restricted to the Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL).
Insurance Variation form [pdf, 245.8KB]
Use this form to reduce or cancel your existing insurance cover.
Authority to access information [pdf, 167.2KB]
To give authority to another person or company to access information about your Sunsuper account.
New starter flyer [pdf, 236.3KB]
A quick look at the benefits of joining the CBH Group Superannuation Plan with Sunsuper.
Binding death nomination factsheet [pdf, 129.1KB]

When you pass away, you may leave behind a significant amount in superannuation and insurance benefits. It’s important you tell us who we should pay your benefits to.

Binding death benefit nomination [pdf, 236.1KB]

Use this form to make, change or cancel a binding death benefit nomination.

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