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Information Declaration

Important information

Your privacy-personal information collection notice
The purpose for which Sunsuper is collecting the information on this membership application is to provide superannuation benefits and related services for you. This includes processing your application, managing your participation in Sunsuper and ensuring you receive your entitlements. If the information requested is not provided, Sunsuper may be unable to properly administer your benefits and notify you about your entitlements. Sunsuper will normally only use the information you provide on this application for these purposes.
Sunsuper will also use this information to notify you about Sunsuper and other products. Sunsuper does not normally disclose information about members to parties outside the Sunsuper group, except parties contracted to provide services to Sunsuper. This includes but is not limited to the Fund’s administration service provider, insurer, auditors and legal advisers.
If you subsequently make a claim for a disablement benefit, the insurer will disclose information about you to medical practitioners and other experts for the purposes of assessing your claim, and may collect information about your disability from these people or from your employer. Sunsuper also might be required by law to disclose information about you, for example to Government bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office, and we may disclose information to relevant overseas bodies in various countries, as described in our Privacy Policy.
Our Privacy Policy sets out how you can access information about your benefit and personal details, correct any information which is inaccurate or out-of-date and information on our privacy complaints process.


I declare that:
• I apply to become a member of Sunsuper and I agree to be bound by the Trust Deed that governs the Fund. 
• I apply to open a Super-savings account.
• Where applicable, I acknowledge and have read my Duty of Disclosure in the insurance section of this application. 
• I acknowledge that all of my details entered into this form are correct.
• I have received, read and accept the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), as provided at the commencement of this application. I understand that other important information which forms part of the PDS is contained in the Sunsuper for life Insurance guide (or Sunsuper for life Corporate Insurance guide for members of Sunsuper for life Corporate), Sunsuper for life guide, and Sunsuper for life Investment guide and that the PDS should be read in its entirety. 
• I understand all the conditions I must meet to be eligible to receive Insurance cover, as described in the Sunsuper for life Insurance guide (or Sunsuper for life Corporate Insurance guide for members of Sunsuper for life Corporate). I acknowledge insurance cover is provided by an external insurance company.
• I consent to the collection and disclosure of information about me for the purposes shown above.