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Latest COVID-19 market updates

Last updated: 26 June 2020

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Watch the update on how financial markets are responding to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, how we are continuing to safeguard your super, how we’ve responded to your requests to switch your investments and access your super, and the opportunities ahead for a post-COVID-19 environment from Sunsuper’s Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Reilly, and Chief Investment Officer, Ian Patrick.


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The latest on the COVID-19 situation

Despite some solid gains over the past two months, major share market indices are still below their February highs. In fixed income markets the improvement in investor confidence has reversed some of the ‘safe haven’ demand for government bonds that was evident in March and prompted a recovery in non-government bond prices.

As expected, economic conditions across much of the world have deteriorated as measures to limit the spread of the virus severely disrupted economic activity.

Governments and central banks across the world have taken (and continue to take) aggressive policy measures to reduce the impact of the crisis on economic activity.

Here in Australia, we have experienced a recession with output and employment falling sharply. The policy response has been unprecedented. And while unable to prevent the recession from occurring, it has certainly cushioned the blow on both households and businesses and will help to underwrite the recovery.

Latest evidence suggests that infection rates have declined to very low levels in many countries, even in some of the previously worst affected. Here in Australia, only a small number of new cases have been reported.


The economic impacts of coronavirus

We are beginning to see the beginning of an economic recovery in a range of economies in response to the gradual lifting of restrictions and aided by the strength of the economic policy response. However, the timing and speed of the economic recovery will vary across countries, depending on a range of factors, including the size and effective implementation of fiscal and monetary policy efforts, and the underlying resilience, structure and flexibility of individual economies.

Here in Australia, while economic conditions are extremely difficult, the economy has performed better than earlier expectations, due in no small part to the success in containing the COVID-19 outbreak as well as the economic policy measures put in place.

We are also likely to see a great deal of variation across industries. Some of the worst affected, such as airlines and cruise ship operators, seem to be obvious potential laggards. Moreover, should moves to relax restrictions be followed by a resurgence in infections, the risk of a renewed downturn in economic activity – either because of re-imposition of restrictions or because of the adverse response of households and businesses – increases significantly. While much of the reported economic data will remain very weak in the near term, we expect that the economic news that will emerge across the world and here in Australia over the coming months will show a gradual, drawn-out and uneven recovery. The recent strength of world share markets has surprised many given the current state of the world. However, it is important to remember that financial markets are forward looking: much of the adverse economic news we are seeing now had already been reflected in sharply lower share prices and bond yields. This means that while bad economic news still has the potential to unsettle markets, financial markets are looking ahead to the post-COVID-19 recovery.


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Sunsuper Chief Economist Brian Parker recaps Sunsuper’s investment performance over the past quarter, explains the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the global and Australian economies, and outlines Sunsuper’s investment strategy amidst the current uncertainty.

Watch the latest on the COVID-19 situation from our Chief Economist

Sunsuper Chief Economist Brian Parker speaks with ABC Weekend Breakfast on the economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, particularly its effect on members’ super investment. (Video credit: ABC News - 7 April, 2020).


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In this special New School of Super webcast, Chief Economist Brian Parker discusses the latest on the COVID-19 situation and answers members’ questions, including how long we think the crisis will last, how we invest your super, and the implications of moving to a more conservative investment strategy.

Our Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer discuss the latest update on the COVID-19 situation and how markets are responding, how we are continuing to safeguard members’ super investment, and the government support available in relation to super.

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