Combine your super accounts with Sunsuper

Combining your super from multiple accounts means you’ll pay fewer fees, now and in the future, and reduce your paperwork so it’s easier to keep track of your savings. If you’re a Sunsuper member, use our new rollover tool to combine your other super accounts. It’s fast, easy and should take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Use the rollover tool

What happens next

Once you’ve completed the rollover tool, we’ll contact your other funds and arrange for your entire account balance to be transferred to your Sunsuper account. We'll let you know when we've sent your request, and will continue to follow up with your other funds. Once the transfer is complete and your super has been added to your account, we’ll send you a confirmation letter. You should also consider any exit fee charged by your other fund(s) and your total level of insurance cover.

Before you combine your super, make sure you consider where your employer super is currently being paid-this doesn't change automatically when you roll over.

Not a member?

At Sunsuper, everyone is welcome to join. All it takes is 5-10 minutes. Low fees and great member benefits are waiting for you. Join Sunsuper now.

Compare Sunsuper

A quick check of a comparison tool from a super funds ratings house, like Chant West's AppleCheck, will show you how we stack up.

Transfer your insurance

You may be eligible to transfer existing insurance cover you may have with your other funds to Sunsuper.

To transfer your existing cover, please complete and return the Transfer of insurance cover form. Make sure you find out what will happen to your existing cover before you leave your other fund.

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