Sometimes when you change jobs your employer might choose to pay your super to a different fund. If that’s happened to you, we think you’re missing out on making the most of your membership with Australia’s best super fund, Sunsuper.

Some of the benefits you may be missing out on

The best fund

Why settle for less than the best for your hard earned money? Sunsuper has been awarded Money Magazine’s Best of the Best Superannuation Fund Manager for 2013 and won out over 450 others to be named SuperRatings’ Fund of the Year for the second year running.

Low fees

 Over a number of years lower fees can make a huge difference, so it’s good to know that Sunsuper's fees are among the lowest you’ll find. Check out how we stack up against our competitors with the Chant West Apple Check.

Strong performance

At Sunsuper we have a proven track record of strong performance - our Balanced option has outperformed the industry average over 5, 7 and 10 years1.

Find out more reasons to choose Sunsuper

Don’t settle for less any longer!

Don’t worry it’s easy to reconnect and start maximising your membership with Australia’s best super fund. Ask your employer to pay into Sunsuper today:

Step 1: Complete the Selecting Sunsuper form [PDF 104KB]. You’ll need your membership details for this, so if you don’t know them call us on 13 11 84.

Step 2: Hand this form to your employer.

Some employers ask for Sunsuper’s Letter of Compliance or Complying Fund Statement. If your employer has asked you for this, you can download a copy of Sunsuper’s Letter of Compliance [PDF 145KB] here.

Important Information

1. Based on SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey to 30 April 2013