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Big Super Day Out

Sunsuper is working with Indigenous communities to improve financial outcomes. 

Big Super Day Out

Sunsuper is working with Indigenous communities to improve financial outcomes. 

Sunsuper in the community: working with Indigenous Australians

At Sunsuper, we’re implementing a range of initiatives to ensure that, as an organisation, we’re honouring and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, many of whom are our members.

Big Super Day Out

Sunsuper has joined the First Nations Foundation’s Big Super Day Out to provide free superannuation help and support to Indigenous Australians in regional and remote communities. 

In joining forces with the First Nations Foundation we aim to bridge the gap and improve financial literacy and retirement outcomes for Indigenous Australians. 

Learn more about Big Super Day Out

Uluru Statement from the Heart

Sunsuper, along with 21 other financial institutions, has pledged its support for the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ and its call for the establishment of a First Nations voice in the constitution. 

The signing coincided with the second anniversary of the Statement’s creation by over 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders at the foot of Uluru.

Sunsuper’s Chair, Andrew Fraser, signed the pledge on the Fund’s behalf to demonstrate our support for the Statement and rightfully acknowledge the first sovereign Nations of Australia, which is an important step in our country’s journey towards reconciliation.

Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World program

Through our grants program, Dreams for a Better World, we support initiatives that improve the lives of Australians today and for a better tomorrow. We have supported many grassroots charities that benefit Indigenous Australians including, 

  • Surfing NSW’s Indigenous Surfing Program
  • Queensland Youth Services
  • Dare to Dream workshops 

To find out how our grants can help community initiatives that benefit Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people visit