Starting a new job can be an exciting, sometimes stressful, time in your life. Even though everything seems to be changing, it’s important to remember your super fund doesn’t have to.  

In most cases, you can decide where your super goes. If you don’t choose, you could end up with multiple accounts, each with its own paperwork and fees.

Super is money you own. Money you have control over. And money you will likely need for your future.

Taking your super to a new job is as simple as:

Step 1

Completing either the Selecting Sunsuper form [PDF 254KB] or Section A of the Superannuation (super) standard choice form.

You'll need these details to complete the Superannuation (super) standard choice form.

  • Fund ABN: 98 503 137 921
  • Fund name: Sunsuper Superannuation Fund
  • Fund address: Sunsuper, GPO Box 2924, Brisbane QLD 4001
  • Fund phone: 13 11 84
  • Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): 98 503 137 921 001
  • Your member number: You can find your Sunsuper member number using our online tool.

Find your member number 

If you need any assistance please call us on 13 11 84.

Step 2

Giving it to your employer.

Some employers ask for Sunsuper's Letter of Compliance or Complying Fund Statement. If your employer has asked you for this, you can download a copy of Sunsuper's Letter of Compliance [PDF 145KB] here.

If you, or your employer, need any more information about how to pay your super into Sunsuper, you can always contact us online or call us on 13 11 84.