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Why choose Sunsuper?

With trust and transparency never more important, never forget you have a choice when it comes to your superannuation.

Choose to have your contributions paid to Sunsuper, a fund that places its members’ interests above all else, and stay on the wave with more than one million Aussies who trust Sunsuper with their retirement savings.

Restart your Sunsuper account in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Fill out the form below and give it to your employer.

Step 2

Your employer will start paying your contributions to Sunsuper.

Step 3

Sit back and relax! You're with the Best of the Best.

Usually you can decide where your super goes. But if you don’t make a choice, your employer will! This may leave you with multiple funds, paying multiple set of fees and with multiple insurance covers.

If your employer is currently making regular contributions to another fund, you should consider if any insurance you have with this other fund will be affected.

Let your employer know you'd like them to pay your super into your Sunsuper account


Already started the ATO's Superannuation (super) standard choice form?

Some employers may also ask for a ‘Letter of Compliance’ or ‘Complying Fund Statement’. This is to confirm Sunsuper is a complying fund and an authorised MySuper product.

'Letter of Compliance' or ‘Complying Fund Statement’


Just need a blank form?

If your employer doesn't give you a standard choice form, you can download and complete the Selecting Sunsuper form instead. Both forms serve the same purpose - to let your employer know where you'd like your super paid.

Download the Selecting Sunsuper form

Dream with your eyes open

Our award-winning customer service representatives can help you get the future you want by making the right choices today.

Call  13 11 84

Do you have money elsewhere?

Now that you’ve chosen to have your employer contributions paid to Sunsuper you should consider combining your super from other accounts into your Sunsuper account. You can combine your super into Sunsuper easily online.

Make sure you consider any exit fee your other fund may charge, as well as your total level of insurance cover (any insurance is normally cancelled when you roll out of a super fund).