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Growing your business by growing your people

Growing your business by growing your people

A holistic approach to superannuation

At Sunsuper, we don’t just want our members to have adequate savings for their retirement. We also want to help them get to retirement in excellent financial, physical and mental health. After all, what good is reaching retirement if you can’t enjoy it?
Discover how Sunsuper can help you grow your business, by growing your people in this video.

Supporting your business

Sunsuper offers a range of services to help you better understand your employees and easily manage your employer super obligations.

Your business will also benefit from partnering with a super fund that has:

Market leading corporate super solutions

Just some of the reasons why our corporate super solutions have been recognised as the best by Super Review and Chant West include our

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No shareholders

As a profit-for-members fund, we don’t have to consider commercial shareholder requirements. We exist purely to benefit our members, enabling us to direct all profits back to members through enhanced products and services. Learn more about:

Easy administration

Sunsuper offers a range of super services and support so you can focus on running your business, growing your people, and achieving business results including:

Control of customer service functions

We control and manage our administration and customer service functions in-house, allowing us to deliver better efficiency for you and better services for your employees.

Find out more about our award-winning customer service

Commitment to keeping your updated

Through our research, events and communications, we aim to keep you up to date with Australian employees’ views of work and their employer, super legislation, and what’s new at Sunsuper. Find out more in our:

Is it time to talk to Sunsuper?

When you think about your current default super fund: 


  • Is it adding value to your employee benefits strategy?

  • Are the benefits the fund offers helping your employees’ wellbeing?

  • Are there other funds that could offer more?

  • You may also like to read our Choosing a super partner – do you know what to consider document, which outlines some key areas that should be when reviewing your default super.

Australia's super fund of the year

With six major award wins in one year, Sunsuper has been recognised as the best of the best when it comes to super.

Learn more about our awards and ratings

We're here to help

If you'd like to learn more about how Sunsuper can grow your business by growing your people, just give us a call.

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Get in touch with us

We’re confident a conversation with us will leave you better informed about the right questions to ask for your company to optimise your employee superannuation arrangements.