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Update client details & non-AOL transactions

How do I update a client's personal details?

If your client needs to change the bank account details we hold on file, they will need to submit a Change of details form or call the Call Centre.

To change personal details such as address, email, phone number, your client will need to use the Change of details form or login via Member Online, or contact the Call Centre.

I need to perform multiple transactions, and my client will only be in the office once.

Apart from the Membership application, you can create any other transaction available within Adviser Online at the same time as long as your client's account is set up and funded with the appropriate balance to meet the caps. You can then have your client sign the required documents, and you can personally manage when each transaction is submitted, via “Manage transactions”. Alternatively, you can personally manage when you send specific transactions for the client’s digital approval.

Our promise to you is that we will process requests as soon as possible. In order to give you and your clients the best experience possible, we recommend that you personally manage the submission of individual transactions via Adviser Online.

How to submit transactions that don’t appear in Adviser Online

For transactions that don’t appear in Adviser Online, go to Forms & Tasks, check under the 'Adviser' tab to find the appropriate form. Download the form and complete it.

Once your client has approved and signed any completed forms that are not available in Adviser Online, you can upload and submit to us via our Email us secured form in the Contact Us section on our website. There are certain forms that cannot be sent to us electronically and they need to be posted to us at Sunsuper, GPO Box 2924 Brisbane QLD 4001.