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Processing timeframes


When will transactions submitted via Adviser Online be processed?

Investment choice forms will be effective from the date we receive it, if the form or digital approval is received by 3.00pm AEST on a business day. Investment choice forms received after that time will be effective from the next business day. Other transactions may take a couple of days before they are processed.

For more information on the processing of transactions, see section 'When are transactions processed?' in the Sunsuper for life guide.

Where your client requires multiple transactions to be processed in a specific order, to give your client the best experience possible, we recommend that you case manage the workflow of the individual transactions. Use “Manage transactions” in Adviser Online to help you.

How do I track the progress of a transaction after I’ve submitted it in Adviser Online?

You can now view the status of a ‘submitted’ transaction through Manage Transactions. See the explanatory table for the definition of the icons which will appear in Manage Transactions.


Status definitions

Waiting: there may have been a technical problem with your upload. Please contact Sunsuper so a customer service representative can arrange for our IT team to ‘replay’ the task in our system.

Transaction received: the request has been received and initiated in Sunsuper systems, but it is yet to be processed.

In Progress: there are three different states where In Progress will display. The progress bar/icon adjusts accordingly as seen in above image.
1. In progress
2. Quality Check (QC)
3. Reprocessing

Failed status: will appear specifically where an Investment Switch request fails in our system. Investment Switches are processed automatically and occasionally something goes wrong. An internal task is triggered to investigate why the request failed.
You not should not need to take any further action, unless you’re contacted by Sunsuper with specific instructions.

Rejected status: is where a Sunsuper representative has selected to close the request as opposed to submitting it in the system. Please call Sunsuper for an explanation, if you have not already been contacted.

Complete: request has been fully completed. Any task registered as ‘Complete’ signifies the Sunsuper processing component is done. It does not however reflect the status of tasks awaiting input from external parties – such as a roll in from another super fund.