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Is Sunsuper an industry super fund?

Sunsuper is a members-first (or not-for-profit) fund, meaning we exist only to benefit our members. As a result, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) includes Sunsuper among the superannuation funds that it classifies as industry funds. Our members work in all types of jobs and sectors. So we are an industry super fund for all industries.

Why doesn’t Sunsuper use the Industry Super Fund logo?

Like a number of other industry funds, Sunsuper isn’t a part of Industry Super Australia Pty Ltd, which means we don’t participate in their marketing campaigns that use the Industry Super Fund (ISF) logo.

However, just like the industry funds that are a part of Industry Super Australia who do use the ISF logo, at Sunsuper we run our fund only for the benefit of our members, we charge our members lower fees and we never pay commissions to financial advisers.

Our Board has equal representation from employee organisations, employer organisations, and independent directors. Sunsuper’s rules of association do not allow profits, including dividends, to accrue to its owners.

All this means we are a members-first fund, solely focused on helping our members achieve their best retirement outcome. We do this by earning strong, long-term investment returns and charging lower fees. As we don't pay any shareholder dividends, all our profits are reinvested to improve the products and services we offer our members to help them achieve and live their retirement dreams.

But don’t just take our word for it. Sunsuper has been named Chant West’s 2020 Fund of the Year. Since 2015, we’ve also held Canstar’s highest 5-Stars Outstanding Value rating for outstanding value superannuation. Learn more about our awards.




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1As at February 2021.