When it comes to affordable, flexible insurance - we’ve got you covered. Our Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Assist cover is automatically provided to eligible members with a Super-savings account and gives you assurance that you, your family and your lifestyle will have some protection when you need it most.  

Our insurance offers

  • automatic Death and TPD Assist cover, provided you meet the eligibility criteria (see below),
  • Opt In Income Protection (IP) cover,
  • options to increase your cover to meet your needs,
  • competitive premiums, usually lower than cover you would organise yourself, and
  • premiums deducted from your super, so they have no impact on your take-home pay.

When you join Sunsuper for life, you are automatically given Death and TPD Assist insurance cover provided you meet the eligibility criteria.

To be eligible you must be:

  • aged between 15 and 70 (TPD Assist cover is not available from age 67), and
  • actively employed.

You are not eligible for automatic Death and TPD Assist cover if:

  • you are Self-Employed1, or
  • you have previously received or are eligible to receive a Terminal Ilness benefit, TPD benefit or a benefit as a result of Permanent Incapacity or a Terminal Medical Condition from Sunsuper or another fund or insurer.

Options to increase your insurance cover

Having the right level of insurance cover can give you peace of mind about the financial future for you and your family. We offer extra cover through White Collar cover, New Member options, Life and Age Events and Tailored insurance. Try our needs calculator to work out how much cover you might need. 

Find out more about insurance with Sunsuper.

Please note: The needs calculator, quote tool and online application are on AIA’s website. Their terms of use will apply.

Additional insurance is subject to acceptance by the insurer. The date cover starts will usually be the date it is accepted by the insurer.

Cover is provided through group life policies issued by AIA Australia Limited ABN 79 004 837 861.

1. Self-Employed means a person who is predominantly working in their own business on a regular basis and earning an income – refer to the Sunsuper for life Insurance guide.

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