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Frequently asked questions

We will be updating this page with any questions that may arise from the Sunsuper Ride to Conquer Cancer "Saddle Up" App. Send us a message on our facebook page if you have a question that is not answered here.


My App has crashed/gone down
Unfortunately we can’t bring back your funny animations and unique details once the app has crashed.  Of course we suggest you reload the app and have another crack at creating your Ride to Conquer Cancer Video. It’s well worth the wait.

It’s not loading the video
If your video won’t load this may be a connection problem, or issue with your flash. Re-starting the application may overcome this issue.

I can’t upload my image
In some cases your image size may be too large or the photo not compatible with our app. You may have to choose a different image for use, or try an alternative upload method to get the desired result.

Did my donation go through?
If you are one of our unique users who created your own video prior to our 10k goal being reached you have donated $1 towards cancer research. After we’ve reached our 10k goal your support is greatly appreciated but no donation will be lodged.

Can I make another video?
You are welcome to create multiple videos and share these with your friends.

I’m having trouble selecting a friend’s photo
If you are having trouble selecting friend’s photos in their Facebook albums we advise you click to upload from your computer and then click back to selecting from your friend’s Facebook album. This should refresh the page and allow photo selection to continue.

The app page does not fully load
Unfortunately you’ve encountered a random error. In this case if you have the option to click back or select another app function we suggest you do so, and then return to the page.
If this is unsuccessful you will have to re-start the app to overcome this issue-we apologize for the inconvenience.