Still working?

While you’re still working towards your retirement, you’ll receive a Super Check-Up plan that summarises what you and your financial planner talk about. It’s short, simple to follow and easy to action.

Thinking about retiring?

If you’re ready to slow down or stop working, we’ll design a plan for your options in retirement and explain the steps to get you there as smoothly as possible — at least when it comes to your finances.

Sunsuper’s award-winning Workforce and Retirement pensions feature low fees, consistent performance, flexible payments, a choice of investments and easy account management.

Starting the transition to retirement?

You may be able to start to use your super while you’re still working. After talking with your Sunsuper financial planner, and if the strategy is right for you, you’ll receive a Transition-to-Retirement Plan that may cover:

  • How the transition-to-retirement strategy works
  • Tax incentives available to you
  • Accessing your super through a Sunsuper Workforce Pension
  • The difference to your super balance.

Ready to stop working?

We’ll help you consider your future with a detailed Retirement Plan that may cover:

  • Your Sunsuper pension and how much money you’ll have to live
  • The amount of the Government age pension you’ll receive
  • How long your super money will last
  • How your other assets and investments fit in.

What if my situation changes?

While you’re still working, we’ll provide regular check-up plans to make sure you stay on track and that your plan keeps up with you.

Once you get closer to finishing working, we’ll change your Super Check-Up plan to a Transition-to-Retirement Plan or Retirement Plan to help you smoothly move into the lifestyle you imagine when you stop working.

Once you retire, or if you’re already there, our regular Retirement Check-Up plans will help monitor how your finances are tracking in relation to your lifestyle needs and take into account any changes along the way.

Get started today

It’s simple. To find out more about the SunTracker program or to talk to a Sunsuper financial planner call us on 13 11 84 between 8.00am and 6.30pm (Brisbane time), Monday to Friday. Or send us a message and we’ll get back to you.

You can also download the SunTracker brochure [PDF 4MB] or provide your details and we’ll post it to you.