Contributing to your spouse’s super might make a lot of sense if your spouse has a low income or does not work at all.  Also, opening an account means your spouse can apply for insurance cover through Sunsuper at very competitive rates. 

To qualify, your spouse needs to be:

  • under 65 years of age; or
  • aged 65 – 69 and worked 40 hours in a 30 consecutive day period in that financial year.

Plus, by simply making a spouse contribution, you can receive a tax rebate of up to $540 each contribution year.  To receive the full rebate, your spouse must have earned less than $10,800 in the financial year that you made the contribution on their behalf, and the contribution amount was $3,000 or more.  To qualify for a partial rebate, your spouse must have earned between $10,800 and $13,800, and the contribution was less than $3,000.

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