"This is payday, this is the dream that we’ve dreamt of all of our life. My daughter says stop spending our inheritance and I keep saying, too bad so sad!” 


Jane and her husband Dave are living many people’s dream. Every year, they take off to Europe where they keep a motor home garaged in England.  They pack up, travel to Europe and then spend six or so months just travelling around. With no time constraints or obligations they can go wherever they choose. This year it’s been Holland, France, Germany, Austria and Croatia.



"I'm working my way through a long list of things I've always wanted to do. I love it – just living the dream.” 


A retired police detective, Doug worked hard all his life, rising from a constable to an inspector. Retired now one year, Doug is able to do what he wants, when he wants. He now spends his time doing a little investing, property renovation and even dabbling on the share market – but only if he feels like it. He is also working his way through his “dream list” – a long list of things he has always wanted to do. He has already been on a helicopter trip through the Northern Territory gorges and is going to travel to Ireland, Scotland, the US and Canada to trace his family history. He also plans to revisit Asia to research a book he is writing on China.

Phillip and Roz

"Now that we’re no longer working we’ve got extra time to be flexible in what we’re doing. We’ve got our bikes, we’ve got each other, we’re having a great time, and that’s all we need." 


Having only quit their jobs earlier this year, Phillip and Roz finally have the freedom to do all of the things that they have spent years dreaming about. But Phillip and Roz aren’t doing things the traditional way – they’re bike riding their way across Europe! With everything they need for the trip on their pack-laden bikes they plan to cover thousands of kilometres, including riding along the Danube River to Prague.


“I really didn’t think it was going to be possible to retire early. I’ve looked after people all my life, and now it’s my time.”

Mary video image

Raising two children and working as a fulltime midwife, Mary has spent her whole life looking after other people. In fact, over the years Mary has delivered thousands of babies! So when the time was right, Mary decided it was time to do something just for her and moved to Bribie Island outside of Brisbane. Now, rather than spending her days looking after other people, Mary does the things she wants to do – when she wants to do them. Mary fills her day by going for walks by the seaside, reading books – even sipping champagne while watching the sunset!


"I worked hard and planned well and now we are enjoying the fruits of our labour. I spent all my working life managing people, now all we have to do is to manage our diary".    


Ken always had a plan to retire when he reached 55. But after rising through the ranks from the mail-room to the executive level of a top 40 corporation and achieving all his career goals, his mind turned to an early retirement. With a strong financial position and a desire to move to a simpler lifestyle, Ken and his wife Jan, made the decision to retire at 52 years of age. They left Melbourne  and headed north with a goal to find a gorgeous little Queenslander home they could call their own. After a three month adventure on the road they discovered a place in the Sunshine Coast hinterland that fitted the bill perfectly.

Ken’s friends often say how lucky he and Jan are to live the life they lead. But Ken says to them "luck has nothing to do with it".


“I now get to do the things I always dreamt of but never had the time to do. It’s the simple things I enjoy doing the most like walking my dog, taking my wife out to dinner or just simply reading a book.”    

As a banker, William worked long hours throughout his career with little free time to spend with his family and to do the things he actually enjoyed. He always dreamt of retiring early and spending his days doing the things he wanted to do without the pressures and routine of full time work. Retired now for two years, William is finally living his dream - filling his days perfecting his golf swing and spending time with his wife. 

Living your dream?

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