How would you and your family manage if you were unable to work due to sickness or injury? Having Income Protection cover can help make sure there is enough money to cover your expenses if something happens.

Members of the Sunsuper Corporate Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Superannuation Plan can now easily get long-term income protection without going through underwriting. That means you don't have to complete detailed health and lifestyle questions or medical tests!

How it works

  • You get cover for up to 85% of your income (up to a maximum of $10,000 per month). 
  • The insurance kicks in after a 90 day waiting period and can provide you with a monthly income up to age 65. 
  • The affordable premiums come out of your super, so there's no impact on your take-home pay! 

But hurry, this special offer for long-term income protection without underwriting is only available until 15 August 2011! 

Use the spreadsheet attached to the email you were sent to work out how much this cover will cost.

Apply before 15 August

If you’re a member of the Sunsuper Corporate Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Superannuation Plan 
Complete the long term Income Protection form [PDF 316KB]

If you’re a member of Sunsuper Solutions or haven’t yet joined
You can take advantage of this offer by signing up for the Sunsuper Corporate Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Superannuation Plan.  Just send us an email saying you’d like to join the corporate plan and include your name, school, member number (if you have one) and your contact details.

Not sure if you’re a Sunsuper Corporate member? Check with payroll or on your latest Sunsuper statement.

Terms and conditions

From the 1st July 2011, the Sunsuper Corporate plan will offer long-term Income Protection insurance to age 65 as an option for members of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Superannuation Plan.  Benefit will be paid at 85% of salary (75% salary + 10% employer superannuation guarantee contribution) after an initial 90 day waiting period. This ‘opt in’ IP offer will be subject to a maximum benefit of $10k per month, subject to a 2 year’s Limited Cover provision, with full cover provided at the end of the 2 years subject to the member being At Work for one day after the 2 year period. For existing Sunsuper Corporate members this will be from 1 July 2011. For new Sunsuper Corporate members this will be from 1 September 2011. 

For new members to the plan, they will receive D&TPD cover as per their applicable category of membership design, up to the plan and category Automatic Acceptance Limit (AAL), subject to 12 months Limited Cover provision. Full cover will be provided at the end of 12 months subject to the member being At Work for one day after the 12 month period. 

“Limited Cover” means the member is only covered for claims arising from a sickness which first manifests itself or an injury which occurred on or after the date the member’s cover commenced, most recently commenced or increased (where applicable) under this Policy.  

"At Work" means that the member is:  

 a) engaged in his or her normal duties, without limitation or restriction due to injury or sickness, and is working normal hours on the day cover is to commence; and  

 b) not restricted by sickness or injury from being capable of performing their full and normal duties on a full-time basis (for at least thirty (30) hours per week) even though actual employment can be on a full-time, part-time, casual or contract basis; and  

 c) not in receipt of, or entitled to claim, any income support benefits from any source including workers’ compensation benefits, statutory transport accident benefits and disability income benefits.  

This means that there are no medical questions or examinations required, and provided that an employee has not previously been declined cover and are At Work performing their usual duties on the date of their application, cover will be automatically provided.  This offer is open to all employees eligible for membership of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane Superannuation Plan (except category 5 plan members) who are working at least 15 hours per week, including those that are not current Sunsuper Corporate plan members. Any existing loadings or exclusions on your existing Income Protection cover held with Sunsuper will continue to apply to the Age 65 cover.