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Flood update- it's business as usual

Despite the severe flooding in Milton, where Sunsuper’s offices are based, we are pleased to say that it’s now business as usual.  Our services are fully restored and, rest assured, we are now dedicating all possible resources to processing any outstanding transactions received during the crisis as quickly as we can.  We thank you for your ongoing patience while we do so.  We’d like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank all our members, employers, families and friends who supported us throughout the crisis.   

Unit prices

Reduced access to our facilities during the floods meant that we were forced to temporarily suspend the processing of many transactions, including the calculation of unit prices.  In order to operate in the best interests of our members and ensure equity in the pricing of transactions, we made the decision to wait until full services are restored before resuming the calculation of unit prices.   As we have now been able to resume operations, we will use the unit price struck on January 19 to process any transactions received during the height of the crisis from January 12 to January 19.

Members can rest assured that all accounts and data have remained secure and our investment team and fund managers based world-wide have continued to manage our investments as normal.

Contacting Sunsuper

Our Member and Employer Contact Centre can be contacted on 13 11 84 if you have any queries. 

Our reception is currently located at level 2, Coronation Drive Office Park 4. Access is available through Little Cribb St, Milton.