At Sunsuper, we strongly believe members who receive advice will achieve a better retirement outcome. We welcome financial advisers to partner with Sunsuper to change our members’, and your clients’ lives for the better.

Follow these steps to partner with Sunsuper:

1. Obtain third party authority to act on the member’s behalf

To act or collect any information on behalf of a Sunsuper member, you must be an authorised third party. Download authority to access information form [PDF 69KB]

The quickest way to obtain a written authority is to upload the completed form via our contact us online page (select “I am a financial adviser” from the drop down menu and upload the file). You can also send the authority via fax or post.

Once we have received and processed the third party authority, we can provide you with information on the member’s account.

2. Provide advice to the Sunsuper member

Sunsuper members, who are clients of financial advisers, are able to deduct a fee from their account to pay for their super or pension related financial advice provided the advice services meet the sole purpose test requirements of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993.

3. Arrange for the advice fee to be deducted

Firstly, please read the Financial Adviser Fee Factsheet [64KB] in relation to the process and requirements for deducting an advice fee from a Sunsuper member’s account.

How to register as a Financial Adviser:

To enable an advice fee to be paid, you will first need to register with Sunsuper here and also provide:

  • a legible copy of your driver’s licence or passport, and,

We will hold the above information on file, and you won’t need to provide this to us again unless you change Practice or AFSL.

Requesting an advice fee to be paid:

After you have registered as a Financial Adviser with Sunsuper, to request an advice fee to be paid from a Sunsuper member’s account, you will need to provide us with:

  • an Advice fee request form [PDF 363KB] (signed by yourself and the member), along with:
  • copy of the invoice for the advice services provided to the member (addressed to “Sunsuper Pty Ltd as Trustee of the Sunsuper Superannuation Fund”). 

In some instances we may request a copy of the SoA and/or RoA prior to deducting an advice fee.

Once all relevant forms and documentation have been completed, please email them to or post them to Sunsuper, Reply Paid 2924, Brisbane Qld 4001. 

 4.  Payment of the advice fee

Once we receive the required documentation, we will review the request and determine if we require more information prior to deducting the requested advice fee.
When we have successfully processed the documentation, we will notify you via email and the advice fee will be paid within 15 business days. Get more information about how advice fees are paid here.