When the kids are well and truly off your hands and you're no longer working full time, you may find the large family home is taking up too much time to maintain! It might make more sense for you to look at a different living arrangement. Before you make a decision to change your living arrangements you should think about the pros and cons and make sure any change you make fits your lifestyle.

What does downsizing involve?

It may involve selling your house and moving on, or could simply be reducing the amount of belongings you've accummulated over the years.

Downsize your belongings

Review your possessions and match them to your new lifestyle or living space. Downsizing can be a scary thought but if you think about what you really use in your home on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis it amounts to a fraction of what is in your home.

Why not start with areas of the house you’re currently not using and work on removing large items first. You could even use different coloured stickers to mark what you keep, what you give away to charity or family and friends, what you sell and what you throw away

Downsize your house

Once you downsize your belongings you might find the old family home is a little too big. There are many options available to downsize from the existing family home, including

  • Moving to a unit or townhouse
  • Moving to a retirement village
  • Restructure or renovate your house to better fit with your lifestyle, perhaps creating a smaller home for you and a home you could rent out. Maybe even a granny flat for the kids!

Retirement villages offer accommodation and lifestyle alternatives that may suit many people and many are beginning to incorporate recreational facilities, restaurants, cafes and mixed residences within walking distance of homes, and have more in common with a holiday resort than a traditional community based retirement village.

Before you decide to downsize your existing arrangement make sure you are fully informed and consult professional advice to make sure you’re on the right track. You could start by meeting with one of our financial planners who can give you advice or your total financial situation.