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Member PDS and guides

The following documents may need to be read in conjunction with each other.

Sunsuper for life Product Disclosure Statements

Sunsuper for life Product Disclosure Statement

Sunsuper for life Product Disclosure Statement and Membership application form [PDF 3MB]
A summary of the important information you need about your Sunsuper account, including insurance and fees.

Sunsuper for life guide

Sunsuper for life guide [PDF 4.8MB]
Important information about how superannuation works (including Income accounts), and more details of the fees and costs that apply to your account.

Sunsuper for life Insurance guide Sunsuper for life Insurance guide [PDF 6.4MB]
Details of the insurance options available to you.
Sunsuper for life investment guide Sunsuper for life Investment guide [PDF 8.5MB]
Details of the investment options available to you, and information on determining your investor needs.

Sunsuper for life Business

Visit Sunsuper for life Business for your Business Product Disclosure Statement.

For more information on your Business plan, please call 13 11 84.

Sunsuper for life Corporate

Visit your corporate website for your Corporate Product Disclosure Statement and any product updates relating to your plan.

For more information on your corporate plan, please call 13 11 84.

Important PDS updates

View recent changes.

We also provide a summary of significant event and material change notifications issued to members for the past two years.

Sunsuper insurance claims guides 

The Total and Permanent Disability Claims guide below applies only to claims where disablement occurred prior to 1 July 2016, and does not include information on our new Sunsuper for life insurance offering, TPD Assist. A full suite of updated claims guides will be made available shortly. 

 Insurance claims guide

Insurance claims guide [PDF 8.68MB]

Details about making an insurance claim and how a claim isassessed.

 TPD claims guide

Total and Permanent Disability claims guide [PDF 2.01MB]

Details about making a Total and permanent Disability claim.

 Death claim guide

Death insurance claimsguide [PDF 2.16MB]

Details about making a death insurance claim.

 IP claims guide

Income protection claims guide [PDF 2.73MB]

Details about making an income protection claim

 TI claims guide

Terminal illness claims guide [PDF 1.52MB]

Details about making a terminal illness claim.