Combining your super could save you hundreds of dollars in fees each year!

1. Find your other super accounts

Consider using the ATO’s Super Seeker service to find any super accounts that you may have lost touch with.

It’s also worth checking your files for any super statements you have hidden away.

Check for lost super

2. Use our Rollover tool

If you're a Sunsuper member, the rollover tool completes the forms you need to combine your accounts in just 5 – 10 minutes. All you need to do is add the name of your other funds to the tool, then print and sign the populated forms.

Use the rollover tool

3. Send us your forms

Send your completed forms to Reply Paid 2924 Brisbane QLD 4001. Once we’ve got your forms, we’ll contact your other funds to request they transfer your balance into your Sunsuper account.

What happens next?

  • We contact your other funds. They use the information we supply to identify your other accounts. If your other fund is unable to match your details, they may ask you to provide a certified proof of identify documents to verify your identity.
  • You should make sure you understand any impacts this request may have on exit/withdrawal fees and insurance cover you hold with your other fund.

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