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Compare fees

Compare fees

Our fees are among the lowest in the industry.

A quick check of a comparison tool from a super funds ratings house, like Chant West's AppleCheck, will show you how we stack up.  

Applecheck Super

We don't pay any adviser commissions and our fees are among the lowest you'll find. Check out the tables below to see how our fees compare. View Income account fees here.  

Important information

Source: Chant West Pty Limited. Total annual fees include administration and investment fees and costs, based on each fund's multi-manager growth option (i.e. 61-80% growth assets). Fees and costs shown for the retail funds do not include contribution fees which may be payable in addition to the fees shown above. Fees and costs are gross of income tax of 15% and are at June 2015, with the exception of Sunsuper for life, where fees from 1 July 2015 are shown. The investment fees and costs include the performance fees and costs for the most recent period over which they were disclosed. The investment fees shown for Sunsuper for life are the estimated fees for the 2015/16 financial year. © Chant West Pty Limited (ABN 75 077 595 316) 1997 – 2015. The data provided by Chant West is based on information supplied by third parties. While such information is believed to be accurate, Chant West does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracy in such information. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

The data provided by Chant West does not contain all of the information that is required in order to evaluate the nominated service providers, and you are responsible for obtaining such further information. The data provided by Chant West does not constitute financial product advice. However to the extent that the comparison may be considered to be general financial product advice, Chant West warns that: (a) Chant West has not considered any individual person's objectives, financial situation or particular needs; (b) individuals need to consider whether the advice is appropriate in light of their goals, objectives and current situation; and (c) individuals should obtain a product disclosure statement from the relevant fund provider before making any decision about whether to acquire a financial product from that fund provider. A Financial Services Guide has been made available by Chant West through its website at