Current opportunities

Find out about what positions we're recruiting for and who to contact for more information.

Company Benefits

We recognise that to recruit and retain top talent we need to offer competitive employment packages. We reward high performance, promote a work/life balance, providing a dynamic work environment, and attractive employment benefits including:   

  • Competitive remuneration packages; 
  • Option to purchase up to two weeks in additional annual leave;
  • Opportunity for internal career development and promotion;
  • Flexible working arrangements;
  • Paid parental leave;
  • Paid study and volunteer leave;
  • Paid compassionate leave;  
  • Salary sacrificing;  
  • Access to free counselling for employees and family members;   
  • Corporate health fund rates; 
  • Annual health campaigns (eg. Flu Shots, Skin Checks); 
  • Social club membership; and

Our employee Reward and Recognition program, Sunsuper SHINES.

Sunsuper aims to celebrate the ways in which employees display exceptional behaviours while fulfilling their roles and contributing to Sunsuper’s success. We offer

  •  Immediate informal rewards;
  •  Peer recognition; 
  •  Annual company awards. 

One Culture, One Team

Our entire team works together to achieve its goals and promote cohesion. Our internal development programs ensure that our employees focus on forward thinking and a solution seeking approach in order to make this happen every day.

Our values below guide our behaviour:

1. We act in our members’ best interests

2. We are dependable

3. We look for ways to make things simple

4. We work together

Location, Location, Location

Sunsuper offers a cutting edge workplace that encourages you to perform your best. Our latest office space in Brisbane is breaking a new stride in eco-friendly work environments. The new CDOP 4 building at Coronation Drive Office Park, located on the fringe of the CBD at Milton, has been awarded a five star Green Star Office Design v2 rating for environmental sustainability.

Leadership development program

Sunsuper has recently undergone some exciting changes. We have amalgamated with our administration company, and have needed to motivate our employees in readiness for this change. We got our senior staff on board through our Leadership Development Program. This program is linked to our strategic vision and promotes leadership values to cascade down through our leaders, who pass this vision and behaviour on to their teams.  Our senior business people and talented Human Resources team have customised this program.

We believe in giving our employees the skills, resources and empowerment to implement strategy. It's another way that Sunsuper encourages its employees to live the values that we promote.